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english & español.

cultura local.

What is poconoMEZCLA? A fresh take on arts and culture for the Poconos

poconoMEZCLA is an independent arts and culture blog dedicated to inclusive coverage of the arts in the Poconos, in both English and Spanish.

At present, it is a labor of love designed and maintained by the following local journalists:

- Ashley Fontones, Founder, Art Director and Site Editor

- Micaela Hood, Content Director and Head Writer

poconoMEZCLA is a passion project that aims to lift up communities of color and our allies via covering community arts, entertainment and events.

Why did we choose the name poconoMEZCLA?

The Lenape word “Pocono” means “river between two mountains”, referencing the Delaware River that cuts through the Appalachian Mountains. The word “mezcla” means “mix” in Spanish. The two words together form the name poconoMEZCLA, which references the vibrant blend of cultures we see in the Poconos region today.

What is a blog?

A blog is a website that presents information on any topic, it's not a news site and it's not a magazine. From short stories to columns, we want to meet you where you are.

Browse our blog, check us out on Facebook, YouTube and Instagram to see us out in the community.

We have so much planned for this website, and we are so excited that you are here to give us a read.

Until next time Poconos!

- The gals at poconoMEZCLA.

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Congratulations on your Art blog. How exciting this will be for the Arts in Poconos.

Me gusta
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